Mom and Dad – USA, 2017

Mom and Dad is a 2017 American horror thriller film written and directed by Brian Taylor (Jonah HexGhost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance). It stars Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair and Anne Winters.


…Mom and Dad is a macabre romp through an unimaginably horrible apocalyptic scenario. It is hard to stomach—you are likely to be both nauseous and laughing at the same time—but it is something gloriously over-the-top. Outside of midnight screenings, this film may suffer for its crudeness, but it is all too comfortable in what it is likely to become: the next big cult movie.” Alex Brennan, CineFiles

“Despite how deliciously bad taste the film is, featuring everything from sports car speed outs with bouncing boobs in the driver’s face to a mother attempting to murder her infant seconds after giving birth, Taylor and the cast always keep things surprisingly playful. The premise might be button-pushing, but the movie is poppy entertainment…” Phil Brown,

“It all adds up to a bonkers nuts finale, as Mom and Dad try everything they can to kill the surprisingly resourceful little ones, with Taylor leaving no taboo unexploited, including the idea of kids using firearms. It’s hard-R carnage, and gets even crazier in a last minute twist that features a perfectly cast cameo by Lance Henriksen, perfectly trading on his notoriety.” Chris Bumbray,

Main cast:

Nicolas Cage (The Last Witch Hunter; The Wicker Man; Ghost Rider and sequel; 8mm; Vampire’s Kiss), Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Joseph D. Reitman, Olivia Crocicchia, George Griffith, Megan Chelf Fisher, Samantha Lemole, Zackary Arthur, Bishop Stevens, Theresa Cook, Lorena Diaz, Brionne Davis, Angie Willmott, Dale Miller, Lance Henriksen (Wraith; Daylight’s End; Stung; Pumpkinhead; Aliens; et al)

Filming locations:

Louisville, Kentucky, USA



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