Against the Night – USA, 2017

Against the Night is a 2017 American horror thriller film co-produced, written and directed by Brian Cavallaro. Mike Mendez (director of Don’t Kill ItLavalantula; Big Ass Spider!) co-produced. It stars Hannah Kleeman, Tim Torre and Frank Whaley.

Following a party, nine emboldened friends sneak into an abandoned prison to film a ghost hunting video.

When their friend, Hank (Luke Persiani), disappears, everyone is pointing fingers and placing blame until they realise they may not be alone…


Released theatrically in the US by Gravitas Ventures in Los Angeles, New York and additional select markets on September 15, 2017.


“Cavallaro has moments of brilliance in the film that are undercut by strange choices. I’m not sure if these choices were made as critical notes or what was seen as a necessity. Either way, there are a few jarring moments that viewers should stick out because the overall experience of watching the film is a positive one.” Chris Maynard, Following Films

“The editing is not tight, so too many scenes run unnecessarily long, and the set-ups are limited because of the low-light scenarios. It’s evident that Against the Night is a modest, low-budget affair, with distinctive ideas, intentions and twists in mind. Unfortunately, it falls flat.” Peter Martin, Screen Anarchy

Against the Night is part “found footage” and part traditionally filmed, yet erratically chaotic no matter the format. Despite having a suitable set for a cinematic spookshow, the filmmakers are stubbornly determined to show nearly none of it. When the screen isn’t completely dark or blurred in a flurry of whip pans and quick cuts, the camera is focused on bare concrete floors or green-tinted night vision nothingness.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“Cavallaro, who wrote and directed Against the Night does a fine job of stirring up the fear through the characters’ interactions. With the occasional jarring jolts and random scares amidst all the darkness, the filmmaker creates quite the frightful environment; one in which the greatest terror-seeking viewer amongst us could appreciate.” Ernesto Diaz, New Yorkled


Writer-director Brian Cavallaro talks to Ty Andreaco for Cult Classic Horror

Main cast:

Frank Whaley (Monster Trucks; The Cell 2Vacancy), Tim Torre, Hannah Kleeman, Luke Persiani, Nicole Souza, Erik Kochenberger, Josh Cahn, Amy Zenone, Yesenia Linares, Leah Holleran.

Filming locations:

Holmesburg Prison – 8215 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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