Pyewacket (Canada, 2016)

‘Be careful what you wish for. Someone might be listening.’

Pyewacket is a 2016 Canadian horror thriller film written and directed by Adam MacDonald (Backcountry, 2014). It stars Laurie Holden, Nicole Muñoz and Chloe Rose.

A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother…


“Beautifully shot with impressive performances all around, what’s great about Pyewacket is that it never overplays its hand. MacDonald is never trying too hard to shock the audience and is more determined to make his film believable than anything else. In that regard, he still delivers on his promise and offers up a shocking finale that’s equally crushing as it’s mortifying.” Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting

“The film makes good use of sound (example the crescendo of traffic noise) for scare effects. The cinematography (the woods with no leaves) by Christian Bielz also adds an eerie creepiness. Pyewacket ends up a solid scare flick but it could do with more gore and violence.” Festival Reviews

Cast and characters:

  • Laurie Holden as Mrs. Reyes
  • Nicole Muñoz as Leah
  • Chloe Rose
    Eric Osborne as Aaron
  • James McGowan
  • Bianca Melchior as Pyewacket


Pyewacket was one of the familiar spirits of a witch detected by the “witchfinder general” Matthew Hopkins in March 1644 in the town of Manningtree, Essex, England.

Wikipedia | IMDb


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