Vampire Wars (USA, 2016)

‘Lincoln’s army battles the undead’

Vampire Wars – aka Dead South – is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Craig Ross Jr. (Bones TV series; Killjoy) from a screenplay by Jerry Quickley. It stars Matthew Marsden, Samuel Hunt and John Savage.

This film should not be confused with the 1990 Japanese anime movie Vampire Wars directed by Kazuhisa Takenouchi.

In the wake of the American Civil War two Confederate brothers rise as vampires and fight to reclaim their land from the inhabitants of a sleepy Southern town…


“The camera-work, directing and editing all feels extremely lacking and makes this movie more of an amateur-like project at times. It genuinely feels clumsy at parts, especially the editing. It’s as if they shot a whole bunch of sequences and the editor had no idea how to put all of them together and in what other.” Frank Veenstra, Boba_Fett1138

” …there are glaring inconsistencies and plot holes in the movie such as the brothers being told that they will be in incredible pain in direct sunlight and then walking and fighting in direct sunlight without any issues. Overall, a very poor effort with a mostly unknown cast which makes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter look like a cinematic masterpiece in comparison.” Nebk

“The whole film just had a hokey vibe. You got the Night Walkers (the vampires) and the Eaters (the cannibals) who are constantly doing battle with Savage conducting everything. It does seem that the vampires always win. Not much in the way of effects just some vampire teeth and the odd red stain.” Shawn Blackman

Main cast:

Matthew Marsden, Samuel Hunt, John Savage (Empire of the Sharks; They Nest; The Killing Kind; et al), Elizabeth McLaughlin, Ray Stoney, V.J. Foster, Nathanyael Grey, Carl Gilliard, Ritchie Montgomery, Dwight Williams, Dale Gibson, Rusty Jenkins, Colby Passman, Myke Michaels.

Filming locations:

Natchez, Mississippi, USA



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4 replies

  1. Thats what I want to know. I feel like I wasted a whole afternoon waiting for a proper ending and didnt get it.


  2. I would like to know did the brother die at the end did the potion work


  3. did the vamp Hildegarde getbcured or die at the ending???


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