Extremity – Canada, 2018

Extremity is an upcoming 2018 Canadian horror film directed by Anthony DiBlasi (Most Likely to Die; Last ShiftCassadaga) from a screenplay by producer David Bond (Boogeyman: Reincarnation; The Profane Exhibit) and Scott Swan (Maskhead; Masters of Horror). The Dark Elegy Films production stars Dana Christina, Chad Rook and J. LaRose.

Allison, a young woman with a severely troubled past signs up for an extreme haunt called Perdition. She believes that putting herself through Perdition’s nightmarish trials will help her exorcise her internal traumas, but has no way of knowing just how shocking her ordeal will be-or what dark secrets buried in her psyche will emerge…

Main cast:

  • Dana Christina
  • Chad Rook – Death Cab; iZombie; Sleepover Nightmare
  • J. LaRose (Sky Sharks; Big Top Evil; Abattoir; et al
  • Cam Damage
  • Angelique Berry
  • Yoshihiro Nishimura
  • Chantal Perron
  • Ashley Smith
  • Tiggy Heitzler
  • September D’Angelo
  • Kelsey Andries
  • Paul Braaten
  • Ami Tomite
  • Jen Znack
  • Scott Swan


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