Terror Tales – USA, 2017

Terror Tales is a 2017 American anthology horror film written, produced and directed by Jimmy Lee Combs (Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans). It stars Jennifer Runyon, Ari Lehman and Lynn Lowry.

When Michael wakes up he is horrified to find that he is riding shotgun with a psychopath (Christopher Showerman) who reveals to him that his family is held captive in the attached cargo trailer. The trailer is rigged to release a deadly toxin when triggered by a switch in the car. Thinking of his family’s safety, he cooperates with everything the psychotic driver asks him to do even if it means breaking the law.

During this bizarre ride, the driver subjects Michael to three horrific tales of the macabre including a demon that takes a mother (Lynn Lowry) on a journey of self-discovery and reveals to her the horrifying truth behind her son’s suicide.

The next tale takes place in the ’80s where a detective is hot on the trail of a serial killer known as The Sledgehammer (Jonathan Tiersten) who is terrorizing a video store owner and his wife.

In the final tale, an evil deity is using the human body as a host to possess its victims. When the deity destroys one victim it jumps to another causing an epidemic of possessions being reported.

With a burning desire for the truth behind his abduction and the safety of his family, will Michael have the will to survive the madness?

Main cast:

Jennifer Runyon (Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death; Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival; Carnosaur), Ari Lehman (The Black Book; Rock Paper Dead; The Barn), Helene Udy (Stirring; Swamp Freak; My Bloody Valentine), Felissa Rose (Swamp Freak; Bethany; Death House), Laurene Landon, Lynn Lowry (Cat People; The Crazies; Shivers), Christopher Showerman, Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), Ashley Park, Leana Lewis, Yan Birch, Kyrannio Margaros, Greg Farinelli, Vivienne Bersin, Mark Canjar.



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  1. Is this movie available to watch in the USA. I checked
    Amazon, eBay, netflix. Can’t find it


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