Empire of the Sharks – USA, 2017

Empire of the Sharks is a 2017 American science fiction action horror film written and directed by Mark Atkins (Planet of the Sharks; Sand Sharks; Evil Eyes; et al). John SavageJack Amstrong and Ashley de Lange star.


In the future, most of Earth is covered by water. The only land left is controlled by a lone warlord and his army of ever-vigilant, hyper-intelligent sharks. The humans are forced to pay tribute to the warlord, and the unlucky ones are caged up and kept as food for the shark army.

However, when two friends risk their lives to rescue a trapped prisoner, those imprisoned decide to rise against their captor and his legion of bloodthirsty sharks…


“The big showdown happens when Fien and Willow battle for control of the sharks by frowning hard at each other while waving their arms at the apparently easily-manipulated fish. Tedious plot, boring shark attacks, minimal gore and over-acting clichéd characters. What did you expect from watered down sci-fi?” Jeff Gilbert, Drinkin’ & Drive-In

Main cast: 

John Savage (Dead South; Tales of Halloween; Demon Legacy; et al)Jack AmstrongAshley de Lange, Jonathan Pienaar, Thandi Sebe, Camilla Waldman, Leandie du Randt, Tapiwa Musvosvi, Tauriq Jenkins, Joe Vaz, Tshamano Sebe, Sandi Schultz, Royston Stoffels, Mélodie Abad, Philip Tan.

Filming locations:

South Africa


The film premiered on the Syfy channel on August 5, 2017, as part of their Sharknado Week with a VOD and DVD release to follow on September 5, 2017.


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