Exorcism of the Dead – Canada, 2017

‘First you die, then the screaming starts…’

Exorcism of the Dead is a 2017 Canadian horror film written, produced and directed by John Migliore (Frankenpimp’s Revenge; Poltergeist Encounters; The Friday Night Death Slot). The Survival Zombie Films production stars Carrie Beale, Brett Kelly and Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith.

Candace (Sarah Swerid) is a deeply troubled young woman who is possessed by an ambitious demon. Her family has tried every conventional method to heal her, but both medicine and psychology have failed.

As a last resort, they reach out for aid from the church. They are unaware that the priest who arrives to deal with the situation has his own dark secrets…

Main cast:

Carrie Beale (Blood Child), Brett Kelly (Blood Red Moon; Kingdom of the Vampire; Goregoyles 2), Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith (The Hider; Bed of the Dead; The Drownsman), Nick Biskupek, Sarah Swerid, Michelle Connor, Brent Baird, Sean C. Dwyer, John Migliore, Andre Guantanamo, Rich Piatkowski, Kyle Hytonen, Magalie R Bazinet, Mike Trebilcock, Lena Montecalvo.

Filming locations:

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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