Edge of Insanity (USA, 2017)

‘Reality is the ability to exist in one’s mind’ 

Edge of Insanity is a 2017 American psychological horror film directed by Barry Andersson and Joseph Forsberg (short: Shadow Theory) from a screenplay written by the latter. It stars Scout Taylor-Compton, AJ Bowen and Lindsey Lamer.

Feeling guilty about her parents death and determined to live up to their expectations, Rylee (Scout Taylor-Compton) will stop at nothing to become an actress, no matter what the cost…

Main cast:

Scout Taylor-Compton (Ghost House; Feral; Halloween [2007] and sequel), AJ Bowen (Applecart; The Sacrament; You’re Next; et al), Lindsey Lamer, Max Caudell, J. Vasko-Bezenek, Briana Rose Lee, Gabi Del Moral, Iris Seifert, Gwen Ruhoff, Ryan J. Gilmer, Douglas Sidney, Ali Daniels, Mason Sheehy, Dani Palmer, Kelly Rivard.



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  1. ‘Reality is the ability to exist in one’s mind’ not sure what this is supposed to mean, but the producers obviously think it’s super-significant?


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