Boots on the Ground (UK, 2017)

‘War ends at midnight, all you have to do is stay alive’

Boots on the Ground is a 2017 British found footage action horror film written, co-produced and directed by Louis Melville (co-producer of The Last Horror Movie, 2003). The Last Bullet Films production stars Ryan McParland, Tom Ainsley and Ian Virgo.

Five British soldiers trying to stay alive on the last night of the Afghan War, facing not just the Taliban, but also supernatural forces more terrifying than anything they’ve encountered before…


falls into line with The Keep (1983), Jacob’s Ladder (1990) and The Bunker (2001), playing out the experience of military entanglement as a haunting, mortality-focused genre piece. Meanwhile the film’s bifurcating ambiguities, introduced near the beginning when the squad chooses which of two routes around the fort to take, is sustained to and beyond the film’s end, as parallel storylines engage and clash to dizzying effect.” Jonathan Hatfull, SciFi Now

“The characters could do with being a little more developed, most are simply stock characters that we’ve seen plenty of times before, the clan pretty much coming off as an Afghan Dog Soliders troopThe story too, is a little muddled, potentially due to the manner in which it is told. Maybe if we were to lose the suit-camera shooting style, the story would shine better. Similarly, if our narrative wasn’t time-twisty, maybe the shooting style would work.” Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News

Cast and characters:

  • Ryan McParland as Swiftee
  • Tom Ainsley as Pawlo
  • Ian Virgo as Ollie
  • Valmike Rampersad as Mo
  • Sally Day as Conway
  • Victoria Hannent as Woman in Burka

Running time:

86 minutes



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2 replies

  1. nedkelly . . .You have made a very simplistic statement. Hopefully, your ass will never have to rely on people who think like you. You would then be able to join a vast majority on our planet, the dead.


  2. Few people have understood the real meaning of this movie: that is, “he who kills by evil, perishes by evil”. War is the worst kind of evil on the planet. The warmongers of this planet, be they Marines or The Red Army are EVIL personificated.


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