Dracula in a Women’s Prison – USA, 2017

‘Captives stripped of their rights and sucked of their blood’

Dracula in a Women’s Prison is a 2017 American comedy horror film directed by Jeff Leroy (Alien Reign; Rat Scratch Fever; Werewolf in a Women’s Prison) from a screenplay by Vincent Bilancio (Dark Realm). Victoria De Mare, Robert Rhine and Rachel Riley star.

Ten years after the horrific events of Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, the Penitentiary of Sex and Violence has a new Warden. Young American Liz (Victoria De Mare) travels to the third world hellhole of Campuna to gather the remains of her sister, who mysteriously died in the jail. However, anyone who dies returns to life – as the undead blood slave of warden Drago, also known as Dracula…

The film is available via Vimeo on Demand where you can also watch the adults only red band trailer.

Main cast:

Victoria De Mare (Alien ReignKilljoy’s Psycho Circus; Feast of Fear; et al), Robert Rhine (Party Bus to Hell; Alien Reign; The Chair), Rachel Riley, Elissa Dowling (Party Bus to Hell; Land Shark; Don’t Kill It; et al), Red Dodge, Nina Elle, Rebecca Lynn Hershfeld, Rebecca Hirschfeld, Ryan Izay, Penny Kuykendall, Sudesh Managodage, John Michaelson, Kristin Mothersbaugh, Layla Price, Puma Swede.

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