American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice – Italy, 2017

American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice is a 2017 Italian horror feature film directed by Poison Rouge (actress in Phantasmagoria; House of Flesh Mannequins) from a screenplay by Samuel Marolla. Produced by Domiziano Cristopharo and Matteo Cassiano, the movie stars Roberto Scorza and Flora Giannattasio.

The special effects makeup effects were provided by Athanasius Pernath (Dark Waves; Phantasmagoria; Hyde’s Secret Nightmare).


Daniel (Roberto Scorza) is a seemingly sad-looking young man. With his piercing blue eyes and a scowl over his face, he enters the empty house that belonged to his parents, now no more.

Led by only voice overs (voices in his head, real time?), Daniel strips down to his “tightie whities” and enters the bathroom for what will become his lair of self-exploration. Immediately, the candles are lit and the crude instruments of torture are laid out above the toilet in a delighted manner. Daniel’s appearance of doom lifts with pleasure as his fingers roam over each punishing device.

His skin is emblazoned with scars from years of cutting as he is about to go deeper into the abyss of self-mutilation. Instantly, his motives for summoning the Goddess Ishtar (Flora Giannattasio) for his psycho-erotic desires are evident as he reaches for the scalpel.

American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice is an extremely depraved and highly graphic one hour journey into the mind of a tormented man. Starting with an intensely horrific slit into the palm of his hand, Daniel glides his tongue into his pain by licking the wound as if performing oral sex on the Goddess. And the self-harm just worsens.

More cuts, a drill, a screwdriver and… well, I will not describe the damage he performs upon his penis… it just intensifies the brutal lengths Daniel will go through, to bathe and fornicate in a pool of blood with Ishtar. He has decidedly given his soul to become her sacrifice.

Sacrifice is as beautifully fashioned a horror film as one with severe anguish can get. Even through the unbearable pain, there’s a flash of sinister satisfaction that appears over Daniel’s lips which only extends into further deprivation.

Sacrifice is not for the squeamish or weak stomached terror fan. The sheer depictions of each slice into Daniel’s flesh will leave you woozy and wonder if you can handle much more. For those who can, they will enjoy this desperate, blood-filled excursion.

Meredith Brown, HORRORPEDIA

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“There are a couple scenes where you think you are going to get a stereotypical torture scene, and they take it to the most extreme and disturbing level available. The scenes of violent depravity are also done in up-close and personal fashion. It is this stylistic decision that also makes this some of the most realistic gore I have ever seen.” Steven Paul, Beneath the Underground

“The overall special effects were pretty impressive. There are a few gore gags that didn’t stand up to the up close scrutiny but in the grand scheme of things, those are small flotsam and jetsam in a very large ocean of gruesome goodness. The only pretty big critique I have for the entire production is the voice of the narrator […] It is very strange and off-putting.” Greg Baty, Cinesploitation

“This entry into the American Guinea Pig mythos is both wholly appropriate and saluted. First time director Poison Rouge is kicking ass and taking names and American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice should now be a model for future gore filmmakers of how things are done.” Chris Mayo, Severed Cinema

“It’s brutality at is best. Sure to please any man haters, even those men who hate themselves. Gore hounds are given exactly what they love about the American Guinea Pig series in this one. For the rest of you a hour of straight self-harm will be a little much. Those who like a little more story with our daily dose of dismemberment may have a hard time sitting through this one.” Without Your Head

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