3rd Night (Australia, 2017)

‘Terror will come home’

3rd Night is a 2017 Australian horror film written and directed by Adam Graveley. It stars Jesse McGinn, Robert Hartburn and Bruce Denny.

A young couple decides to move to an Australian orchard surrounded by natural bushland to escape the madness of modern life. However, they soon get the feeling their property is being watched by someone with sinister intentions.

The couple then find out their house has a past history and that after terrorising his victims for a couple of days the unknown watcher always kills his victims on the 3rd night. Time is running out…

Main cast:

Jesse McGinn, Robert Hartburn, Bruce Denny, Connor Gosatti, Rose McKenna, Dan Williamson, Jenelle Altinier, Audrey Degenaar, Keala Kern.

Filming locations:

Jarradale, West Australia

Running time and aspect ratio:

72 minutes | 1.85: 1

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  1. Right on, another movie from my neck o’ the woods. Looking fwd to watching it soon. The OZ outback always contains wild surprises!

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