Pinwheel – USA, 2017

Pinwheel is a 2017 American horror film directed by Daniel C. Dahlstrom from a screenplay co-written with Darren O’Brien. The Cineriot Films production stars Darren O’Brien, Julie Dawson and Jeff Soloman.

A decade after her mother’s gruesome murder, young actress Riley Canterbury (Julie Dawson) is informed that her father is missing, so she leaves Los Angeles to return to her home town.

Staying with her Uncle Jacob (Jeff Solomon), Riley hooks up with old friend Eric (Darren O’Brien) while the investigation continues. Her uncle has rented a room to Jonathan (Buck Biestek), a writer delving into the mystery of the “cursed carnival” that was based in the local town…

Main cast:

Julie Dawson, Ox Baker, Ashley Tramonte, Jami Tennille, Greg Nutcher, Ashley Couture, Jeffrey Alan Solomon, David Gere, Mark Resnik, Marisa Hunter, Nicole Bardis, Darren O’Brien, Gunther Grambo, Nicolette Vincelli, Raymond Fitzsimmons.


Filming locations:

Middletown, Connecticut, USA



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