Dream No Evil – USA, 1970

‘Don’t go near the barn’

Dream No Evil is a 1970 horror thriller film written and directed by John Hayes (End of the World; Grave of the Vampire; Garden of the Dead). It stars Edmond O’Brien, Brooke Mills, Marc Lawrence and Michael Pataki.

Originally submitted to the MPAA as The Faith Healer, it received an ‘R’ rating. The film was subsequently edited and released as Dream No Evil with a self-imposed ‘PG’ rating. This latter version is the one currently available.

A young preacher’s assistant goes insane and becomes lost in a murderous fantasy of her own creation…

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“The murders are a tad on the bloodless side (again, the infernal PG rating), but there is at least one great death-by-scythe scene. Despite moments of genuine atmosphere (like the scene where O’Brien returns to life), this is just another tame 70’s psychological horror flick.” Mitch, The Video Vacuum

Dream No Evil is the very definition of random. One minute Grace is in a seedy motel full of passed out octogenarians, in the next she is dressed like Ann of Green Gables dancing an Irish jig while her father plays the accordion. Nothing makes any sense.” Jason McElreath, DVD Drive-In

” …has some voice-over narration that essentially gives away the game at a crucial point in the movie; you’re pretty much in on the truth of the situation before the first murder even occurs. Still, this is not to say that this movie doesn’t use some interesting approaches to telling its story, and there is a real surreal oddity that cuts through many of the scenes to help compensate for the extreme low-budget of the undertaking.” Dave Sindelar, Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

Dream No Evil achieves its strange disconsolate atmosphere without flamboyance. The emphasis is on feeling, with a tragic scenario in which the heroine’s struggle to find happiness is doomed because of her childhood.” Stephen Thrower, Nightmare USA

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Main cast:

Edmond O’Brien (Isn’t It Shocking?), Brooke Mills (Night Gallery, segment: ‘The Tune in Dan’s Cafe’), Marc Lawrence (From Dusk Till Dawn; Cataclysm; Pigs), Michael Pataki (Death House; Dead & Buried; Love at First Bite; et al), Paul Prokop, Arthur Franz, Donna Anders, Nadyne Turney, Vicki Schreck, William Guhl, Pearl Shear, Elizabeth Ross, Mary Carver, Jay Scott.


The film was also apparently released as Now I Lay Me Down to Die.


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