Granny of the Dead – UK, 2017

‘They came with false teeth’

Granny of the Dead is a 2017 British comedy horror film written and directed by Tudley James. The TudorFilms production stars Marcus Carroll, Abigail Hamilton and Oliver Ferriman.

HORRORPEDIA originally reported on this film when it was in pre-production planning in 2013 and known as O.A.Z. Nan from Hell.

Ed (Marcus Carroll) awakes one morning to find that his grandmother has become one of the living dead. Trapped in his home he struggles to cope, and with a little help from his friends he tries to survive the day, but the more nan feeds the stronger she gets and soon it becomes a battle to keep the house zombie free…


“Perhaps this movie still would have been a better and more fun one to watch if only it had some better characters in it. But again, like everything, also the characters are terribly underdeveloped and it’s therefore hard to care about anything that happens to them. Just a nameless bunch of people, doing random stuff, that never comes across as anything engaging, surprising or creative.” Boba_Fett1138

“A few fun lines of dialogue, but most of the dry humor fell flat for me. I’m sure some others will appreciate it more than I did, but I didn’t click with it often. On the crazy scale, I found the premise of old people undead to be fun, as well as the cat pancake, a zombie driving a bulldozer, and a couple of the dialogue exchanges, so there’s some wackiness here.” Marc Fusion


Granny of the Dead was unleashed on DVD in the UK on 28 August 2017 by Matchbox Films. In the US, the film will be available on VOD on July 14, 2017.


Main cast:

Marcus Carroll (Monstrum), Abigail Hamilton (Charismata; The Hatching; The Seasoning House), Oliver Ferriman (Torchwood), William Huw, Tudley James, Sabrina Dickens, Josh Wood, Nia Ann, Steve Purbrick, Kathy Saxondale, Victor Ptak, Edward Way, Linda Bailey, Ricky Valentine, Tom Barker.


The film’s working titles were O.A.Z: Nan from Hell and O.A.Z: Old Age Zombies

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