Whispers – UK, 2015

‘Death isn’t always the end.’

Whispers is a 2015 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Tammi Sutton (Katie; Sutures; Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil). The Tower Bridge Films production stars Keeley Hazell, producer Craig Rees and Barbara Nedeljakova.

A young couple grieving over the recent death of their daughter move to the countryside where they are haunted by their tragedy and a sinister darkness…


” …Whispers manages to engage and hold the interest of the viewer whilst not pandering too much to tired reworked clichés. There are of course a certain amount of familiar horror tropes here but it’s a movie peppered with unexpected happenings and an ending that you wouldn’t necessarily see coming. Everyone appears to be on top form here…” Steven Davies, The Horror Asylum

Whispers offers a harrowing experience set nicely against the backdrop of supernatural elements combined against a tragic storyline. The film also offers a surprise ending which wraps the whole piece up in a clever way (though no spoilers here!) . Atmospheric and haunting…” Horror News

“Really, it’s biggest sin is being horribly forgettable. It’s a ghost story, where all the necessary story beats fall into place, (strange noises, objects moving for no reason, secrets revealed). And that’s it. Fade out. Sometimes a generic movie can be forgiven, if it’s told well. But Whispers suffers from technical flaws as well.” Monte Light, Horror Freak

Whispers stand out from other films of its genre because it carries a certain professionalism around it with a suspenseful storyline. The cinematography could not have been any better, and the sets/location did justice to the movie. It was unbelievably good and creepy watching the paranormal phenomenon taking place.” Florita A., Hell Horror

Main cast:

  • Keeley Hazell
  • Craig Rees – Lake Alice; Sutures
  • Barbara Nedeljakova
  • Diane Ayala Goldner
  • Phil Bloomberg
  • Lynn Lowry – Model Hunger; Cat People; Shivers
  • Bill Millsap
  • Lilja Johnson
  • Ramon Estevez
  • Leyla Gellan
  • Tracy Buckley
  • Emma Jacobs
  • Nina Kate
  • Harrison Cade
  • John Gulager – director of Children of the Corn: Runaway; Piranha 3DD; Feast and sequels

Filming locations:

Chulmleigh village, Devon, England, UK

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