Doom Room aka Nightmare Box – UK, 2013

‘Never let them hear you scream’

Nightmare Box is a 2013 British horror feature film directed by Jon Keeyes from a screenplay co-written with Carl Kirshner. It stars Johanna Stanton, Nicholas Ball and Debbie Rochon.

A young woman wakes up trapped inside a room with no memory of her past. As times ticks by, a bizarre mix of real and surreal characters visit her; some seeming to aid her while others torment her. Unable to escape, she must put together the pieces of a riddle to discover who she is and how she got here…

The film has been picked up for distribution in 2017 by Summer Hill Entertainment.


Nightmare Box is a heady tale full of metaphor and twists… Lovers of all things mystery are going to want to seek this one out.” Ain’t It Cool News

“An intelligent, claustrophobic tale filled with maniacal characters. This one is definitely worth checking out.” Scott Hallam, Dread Central

“A genuinely harrowing head-trip horror!” Joe Kane, The Phantom of the Movie’s VideoScope

“Jon Keeyes’ best film to date. Nightmare Box is intense and imaginative, with a star-making performance by newcomer Johanna Stanton.” Mark Burger, Yes! Weekly


Main cast:

  • Johanna Stanton
  • Nicholas Ball
  • Debbie Rochon
  • Matthew Tompkins
  • Hayden Tweedie
  • Katie Kensit
  • Sal Esen
  • Claire Jared
  • James Simmons
  • Scott Christie
  • Laura Whitehurst
  • Craig Bramley
  • Carl Kirshner

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