Night Drive – South Africa, 2010

‘Some things are worse than dying’

Night Drive is a 2010 South African horror film written and directed by Justin Head from a storyline co-written with C.A. van Aswegen. It stars Christopher Beasley, Corine du Toit, Brandon Auret and Leroy Gopal.

In the African bushveld, an eclectic mix of tourists is left stranded during a night drive. It is only when they realize that they are being hunted by a group of poachers that the terror truly begins…


“The best things this movie has going for it are the villains and the sense of dread. When waiting for things to kick off, the suspense builds rather effectively. They’re out in the African plains in the dark and everything around them for miles is pitch black. These poachers can be anywhere. When it does pick up steam, the violence is grisly and visceral, not afraid to get gory but never crossing over the top.” Zack Greene, Wicked Horror

” …writer/director Justin Head doesn’t blow his wad too early, nicely pacing out the hints at the horrors to come while giving us the necessary exposition and back-stories for everyone, so that when the shit hits the fan around the halfway point, you will likely care about a few of the people. But he provides enough action up until that point that you shouldn’t be bored by then either…” Brian W Collins, Horror Movie a Day

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” …horror fans of the gorehound variety are going to find a lot to interest them in this film. There are eye opening instances of genital mutilation, gross gun misfirings, amputations, stabbings, shootings and torture. This reviewer has not seen this much gore in a film in quite awhile.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later Analysis

Choice dialogue:

Roger Turner: “I can’t believe we’re actually here. Africa!”

Filming locations:

Johannesburg and Pelinduna Adventures, Broederstroom, North West, South Africa

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