Vamps – Russia, 2017

Vamps – aka GhoulsVurdalaki and Вурдалаки – is a 2017 Russian action fantasy horror film directed by Sergei Ginzburg from a screenplay by Aleksey Karaulov, Evgeniy Kolyadintsev, Tikhon Kornev and A

leksei Timm, based on a story by Alexei Tolstoi (Mario Bava previously adapted it in 1963 for I Tre volti della paura aka Black Sabbath).

The film stars Konstantin Kryukov, Mikhail Porechenkov and Aglaya Shilovskaya.

In the Carpathian mountains is the Spassky monastery where the confessor of the Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna was exiled. What secrets did he take with him from St. Petersburg?

The area where he finds himself was considered since ancient times as troubled and haunted by legends, evil spirits, and the last remaining invasions by the Ottoman Empire.

After many years, Andrey, godson of Empress Elizabeth, arrives from St. Petersburg.
On the spot, Andrey has to face strange, frightening and unusual manifestations, which his rational mind cannot explain. He will also meet great love…

Filming locations:

Crimea, Russia


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