13 Demons – USA, 2016

‘You play… you die!’

13 Demons is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written, directed by and starring Daniel Falicki. The American River Media Group production also stars Michael Cunningham and Jackson Ezinga.

Gary, and his friends who are into gaming, renaissance fairs and various unsavoury vices, stumble across a rare, medieval board game called 13 Demons.

They discover the game has a dark history and was banned from most countries long ago for strange and mysterious reasons including unexplained deaths attributed to the game…


“A very dark satire of RPG-obsession packaged as a horror thriller, this is a very entertaining genre piece that gets most of its tension of a tight script, sharp dialogue, and strong performances. It’s really three people talking in a room for most of the time, with even the murder scenes either only hinted at or shown in a rather allegoric way (with exceptions though).” Mike Haberfelner, [Re]Search My Trash

“The actors most definitely seemed to have plenty of fun with it, but as the movie progresses it becomes painfully obvious how little the movie actually has to offer. It’s also barely over 70 minutes short, which still feels too stretched out. The movie so easily could have been under 30 minutes short…” Frank Veenstra, Boba_Fett1138

“The scenes with the detectives are entertaining, but a little painful to watch at times. Although the movie is short (less than 80 minutes), it felt long. The idea was actually interesting, but the demon scenes had some special effects that made them hard to watch. I know it was probably the idea, but they became boring.” Bill Chete, Horror on the Go

13 Demons does have some budgetary issues, in particular some obvious ADR that stands out like a sore thumb but, honestly, that can be forgiven. Especially when the story itself is, despite seemingly being plucked straight from the 80s, so refreshing and so well told.” Phil Wheat, Nerdly

Main cast:

  • Michael Cunningham
  • Jackson Ezinga
  • Daniel Falicki
  • Stephen Grey
  • Patrick Hendren
  • Shelly Irwin
  • Steve Kelley
  • Jason Roth
  • Heath Scarbrough
  • Steven Taber
  • Charley Vanportfliet


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