Ayla (USA, 2017)

‘Obsession becomes flesh’

Ayla is a 2017 American horror fantasy film written and directed by Elias Ganster (Gut; Dead Sucks; The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft). It stars Dee WallaceBill Oberst Jr. and Tristan Risk.

The unexplained death of Elton’s four year-old sister Ayla has left him lost and damaged since he was a boy. All throughout adulthood he’s mourned the life with her that could have been.

Born from his need, Elton turns what lived only in mind to flesh and blood once more, a child now reborn with the body of a woman — obsession become flesh. Her name is Ayla, but they used to call her “A.”

Main cast:

Dee WallaceBill Oberst Jr., Tristan Risk, Andrew Sensenig (We Are Still Here; Don’t Look in the Basement 2; The Last Exorcism Part II), Gary Lee Vincent (Lake of Shadows; Deimosimine), D’Angelo Midili, Sarah Schoofs, Darlene Sellers, Nicholas Wilder.


The film’s working title was A.

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  1. A masterpiece Indeed.


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