Hitchhiker Massacre – USA, 2017

Hitchhiker Massacre is a 2017 American slasher horror feature film written, produced, edited, photographed and directed by James L. Bills (first assistant director on Rise of the Undead). It stars Ely LaMay, John Blyth Barrymore and Calista Carradine.

Beautiful young hitchhikers are being slaughtered on the desert highways by a flesh-eating madman. Sally is trying to make her way back home when she’s picked up by the killer…

Main cast:

  • Ely LaMay
  • John Blyth Barrymore
  • Calista Carradine –The Twin
  • Rocky Christopher
  • Allen Perada
  • Katherine Cronyn
  • James Bartholet
  • Veronica Lavery
  • Stephanie Gerard
  • Chanel Marie Koi
  • Krystel Roche



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