Kanika aka कनिका – India, 2017

Devil on its way’

Kanika – original title: कनिका – is a 2017 Marathi Indian supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Pushkar Manohar. The latter co-produced with Sandeep Manohar. It stars Sharad Ponkshe, Smita Shewale and Chaitrali Gupte.

A renowned doctor encounters unusual paranormal activity and discovers his colleagues are experiencing the same situation. It transpires that, in the past, he and his entire team misused their knowledge and positions. Their ordeal becomes critical when the team begins to be murdered, one by one.


Desperate, the doctor confesses his crime to his loved ones but they refuse to help and he finds himself alone facing a ghostly vengeful presence…


“The characters casually misrepresent facts for no apparent reason, are misinformed and take silly decisions even by horror film standards. The supernatural phenomenon is equally random, and gradually moves from creepy to unintentionally funny.” Ganesh Matkari, Pune Mirror


“It is neither very strong technically (although the sound department has done a good job). But Kanika makes a point; a strong one at that. For the effort, the team deserves kudos. Having said this, technical finesse and a crisper narrative would’ve worked wonders for Kanika.” Mihir Bhanage, Times of India


Main cast:

  • Sharad Ponkshe
  • Smita Shewale
  • Chaitrali Gupte
  • Kamlakar Saatpute
  • Aananda Karekar
  • Falguni Rajni
  • Vandana Marathe
  • Nilesh Behere
  • Kritina Vartak


Kanika was released in India on 31 March 2017. It is currently available internationally via Netflix.

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