Terror Birds – USA, 2016

‘They’re not extinct’

Terror Birds is a 2016 science fiction horror film directed by Sean Cain (Jurassic City; Silent Night, Zombie Night) from a screenplay by Jake Helgren. It stars Jessica Lee Keller, Lindsey Sporrer and Greg Evigan.

College student Maddy Stern (Jessica Lee Keller) knows something is wrong when her father (Craig Nigh) goes missing during a weekend bird-watching trip in the woods of East Texas.

As she enlists the help of her college pals to trek into the wilderness to find him, rampaging, six-foot-tall prehistoric “terror birds” with man-eating tendencies are the last thing anyone expects to find, much less a wealthy, mad archaeologist (Greg Evigan)…


“Whilst Terror Birds is packed with the same dodgy CGI that plagues all these direct to market creature features it does at least feature some original villains in it’s jurassic-age monsters. Plus what’s not to like about a film whose monsters love to peck people brains out and rip heads off?” Phil Wheat, Nerdly

“The only knock I had with Terror Birds was writer Jake Helgren’s script lacked humor, I think a little more invested in here would helped. I do commend it for investing time in character development, you end up caring for the five kids and want them to make the General’s Fried Chicken out of those birds.” The Inner Circle

“Fans of the genre will be thankful that a somewhat unique monster gets a run out, but the novelty does wear thin after a while. One would be better off checking out director Sean Cain’s previous effort, Jurassic City, which was an altogether much more fun film largely due to a more enthusiastic cast and better scripting.” Sean Markey, Geek Ireland

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“Cut-price CGI may be the order of the day here, but props to the design team who have actually created a… ‘unique’ looking creature that looks like the mutant offspring of a turkey and a dodo, albeit with a prehistoric lilt. Such kooky shenanigans are a welcome distraction from cringy dialogue and generic young cast…” David Wain, The Schlock Pit


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