An American Terror – USA, 2014

‘The nightmare has begun’

An American Terror is a 2014 American survival horror film written, edited and directed by Haylar Garcia (Gnaw). It stars Graham Emmons, Louise Macdonald, Brian Thompson.

A group of teenage outcasts, who have been picked on by the popular kids one too many times, hatch a plan to get revenge on their tormentors. After a night full of violent video games, drugs, and alcohol, they determine to kill their classmates at the upcoming homecoming dance.

In order to do so, they hatch a scheme to steal a cache of guns from a local trash pickup man. However, the kids uncover more than just guns. They stumble upon a torture chamber filled with unspeakable horrors…


“While the subject matter of school shootings is not something to be made light of, when dealt with on a sophisticated and mature level, it’s compelling stuff to see play out. An American Terror treats this subject matter with respect, but also doesn’t forget to make it all engrossing and imaginative along the way.” Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“ …darkly captivating, with strong performances by leads Graham Emmons and Louise MacDonald and haunting cinematography by Anton Fresco. It’s SLC Punk! meets House of 1000 Corpses, with a healthy dose of thoughtful and arresting social commentary.” Sean Decker, Dread Central

An American Terror’s final message seems to be that there are worse things than being bullied at school, like being trapped in a psychopath’s torture dungeon. While this is true in a literal fashion, it’s a pretty esoteric situation and doesn’t really have any relevance to people genuinely being bullied.” Courtney Button,

An American Terror is a very modern and somewhat original movie for the genre. It’s also courageous for addressing such controversial topics and presenting them in a cautionary way. There are moments when the special effects are less than desirable…” Shawn Loeffler, Yell! magazine

“The film is great some great visuals, not a lot of gore, but when there is it’s innovative and new, the cast is great and the storyline is very well done. It shows how an experience like this can bring anyone’s value of life full circle.” Chad Armstrong, Legless Corpse

Main cast:

  • Graham Emmons
  • Louise Macdonald
  • Brian Thompson
  • Joe Abplanalp
  • Taylor Hulett
  • Nathan Green
  • James Miller
  • Jennifer Wilde
  • Jeff Nicholson

Filming locations:

Denver, Colorado, USA

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