Nightwish – USA, 1988


‘In your dreams no-one can hear you scream’

Nightwish is a 1988 American horror feature film written and directed by Bruce R. Cook. It stars Clayton Rohner, Alisha Das, and Jack Starrett.


Art director Robert A. Burns worked on Re-Animator; Tourist Trap and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, among many others. KNB handled the special effects.


A professor and four graduate students journey to a crumbling mansion to investigate paranormal activity and must battle ghosts, aliens and satanic entities…



” …features absurd dialogue, hot chicks, and an entertaining albeit non-linear plot. I’d say give a watch for Thompson and Kaitan alone. Nightwish features roadkill, alien cocoons, a dude that pisses his pants, zombies, a retarded gate keeper, severed fingers, and tarantulas.” 80s Horror Central


” …while there is so much going on here, I was never distracted from a completely predictable climax that I knew was coming since the first two scenes of the film. With a couple of scary gore effects and Brian Thompson, Cook’s film is not a complete failure. Trimming some of the fat would have made a leaner, meaner Nightwish.” Charles Tatum


It’s like the director came up with various ideas and then dropped them. To make up for it, there’s some decent special effects involving alien breeding scenarios, nudity (Elizabeth Kaitan and Alisha Das), Alisha Das having sex with a ghost, and some interesting visuals bringing to mind some Stephen Sayadian weirdness mixed with something you might see in Night Train to Terror.” Bill Gordon, Horror Fan Zine


Main Cast:

  • Clayton Rohner
  • Alisha Das
  • Brian Thompson (Flight of the Living Dead; Doctor Mordrid; Fright Night Part 2)
  • Jack Starrett (Family Reunion; Grizzly II; Race with the Devil)
  • Robert Tessier (Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell; Double Exposure; The Velvet Vampire)
  • Elizabeth Kaitan (Necromancer; Friday the 13th Part VII; Silent Night, Deadly Night 2; et al)
  • Artur Cybulski
  • Tom Dugan
  • Gayle Vance
  • John Hayden
  • Jared Coulter
  • Kazuko Ohashi
  • Elizabeth Hegyes
  • Joanne House






Choice dialogue:

Dean: “The highway’s mine!”

Bill: “There’s only one paranoid in this room. Or is he a schizoid?”

Image credits: Sangue Doce | VHS Collector

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    1. The plot is all over the place, as was the case in many late 80s horror movies. It’s vacuous and unmemorable, although it at least looks good thanks to Robert A. Burns’ set designs and the KNB special effects are enjoyable. A wasted opportunity as the cast is ok too. On YouTube…

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