Unhinged – UK, 2017

‘Everyone’s dying… for a wedding invite.’

Unhinged is a 2017 British horror film edited and directed by Dan Allen from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Scott Jeffrey (The House on Elm Lake; Fox Trap).

A loose remake of the 1982 American movie Unhinged – a former ‘video nasty‘ – it stars Kate Greer, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Becky Fletcher and Lorena Andrea.


Melissa and her three American bridesmaids, who decide to take the English back roads whilst travelling to her wedding in the countryside. On the way, a deadly secret forces the girls to be stranded in the woods.


The young women discover a house, occupied by Miss Perkins, who promises to look after them until they find help. Little do the girls know, a dark evil lurks in and around the grounds of the house. Only when the ladies come face to face with ‘it’ will they truly discover what real horror is…


” …the girls are unlikeable and the dialogue doesn’t help (“This isn’t f*cking Dexter!”). There’s a sense of desperation about the way the movie throws in a pointless scene of Lorena Andrea manacled to a wall and tortured (like every other post-Hostel horror movie of the early 2000’s), and almost everything else is misjudged, from the coy lesbian love scene to the terrible song at the end.” Steven West, Horrorscreams Videovault

” …there’s something of an automatic grit which British slashers seem to have as a matter of course (I’m thinking of such mean spirited provincial classics as Eden Lake), and which Unhinged ’17 benefits from too. The matrimonial theme contributes to the iconic look of the film’s antagonist, who is creepy AF in their flowing wedding dress, weird baldy mask and (in an odd detail which I adored) elbow length rubber gloves.” Benjamin Poole, The Movie Waffler

“Overall Unhinged may be predictable and full of the classic horror clichés, but it has some good moments and once it gets going, is a lot of fun. I don’t think being called a remake is beneficial to the film, as it doesn’t have the expected gore to warrant the marketing as a remake of a video nasty. The referencing is likely to leave people disappointed, where it should stand up as a horror movie on its own.” Philip Rogers, Roobla

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Main cast:

Filming locations:

Essex, England, UK


The film had the working title The Attic.


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