Spaceship Terror – USA, 2011


Spaceship Terror is a 2011 American science fiction slasher horror feature film written and directed by Harry Tchinski (Grimises Rising). It stars Kristen Springer, Jay Wesley Cochran (Buzzard Hollow Beef) and Lacey Blair.


Marooned on a deserted planet, and then picked up by a old, nearly derelict spaceship, five women and one injured man slowly fall victim to the horrific bloodlust of a deranged killer…



“The premise of the movie took place mostly inside the ship, but thanks to the budget, we’re mostly limited to two rooms and a bunch of hallways that actually look all the same. I say mostly because we do get shots of the ship’s interior, exterior and some of its inner machination, but they all look like CG test footages, cringe-worthy as some of the killings were “enhanced” by these graphics.” Sticky Red

“The villain is probably the best part of the whole thing and Jay Wesley Cochran seems to have a really good time doing nasty stuff to all the semi-nude females he drags to his little torture dungeon. Kristen Springer in the lead role is surprisingly good […] The nastiness done with old school effects is nicely nasty…” Rubber Monster Fetishism

“The effects are pretty cheap, the acting is pretty weak, but there is an unexpectedly high amount of blood and gore throughout. While this doesn’t cover the shortcomings, it certainly helps. And the plot, while containing a small handful of gaps, is actually kind of cool.” Sean Leonard,

“There is gore, at the beginning it seemed like it was gonna be a gorefeast but it isn’t. Sure there is gore, some practical make-up fx but a lot of it is CGI and most of it is bad CGI. CGI is also used for the spaceship exteriors. In the T & A department it offers some nudity as a naked woman is tied to a table when the main characters find her.” Jorgen Lundin, Independent Flicks

Main cast:

  • Kristen Springer
  • Jay Wesley Cochran
  • Lacey Blair
  • Stephen Lestat
  • Emma Lee Nguyen
  • Ronda Olshefski,
  • Yulia Hancheroff
  • Jenny Lin – The Burning Dead; Dexter; Night Out: Vampires

Filming locations:

Bonney Lake and Graham, Washington, USA

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