Curse of the Phoenix aka Ghost Ship – UK, 2014


‘Beyond time, love never dies.’

Curse of the Phoenix – aka Ghost Ship – is a 2014 British supernatural horror film directed by Robert Young (BloodmonkeyHammer House of Horror: ‘Charlie Boy’; Vampire Circus) from a screenplay by Hugh Janes. Joseph Sentance, Sheena May and Kate Young star.


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A romantic young man, Josh (Joseph Sentance), is haunted by a strange, beautiful apparition – The Wraithe. She believes Josh is her lost true love and tries to claim him for herself, therefore putting Josh and any woman close to him, in mortal danger…



“Likeable, down to earth characters that act somewhat like real people. Spooky scenes on the ship are well shot and have a great ambiance. An interesting paranormal mystery that has an air of classic literature to it. A slow burn, but has a good enough momentum to keep you engaged.” Geek Legion of Doom

“Young’s film is a strange tale […] it’s a movie that feels as though it should belong in another era, such is its usual tone that’s in stark contrast to much of today’s fare. But, there’s no shame in being different, and if there’s a shoo-in of a shallow plaudit to bestow upon it, it’s that of being satisfyingly likeable.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

Main cast:

  • Joseph Sentance
  • Sheena May
  • Kate Young
  • James Kennan
  • Fawn James
  • Lizzie Stables
  • Kevin Horsham – Theatre of Fear
  • Kevin Johnson

Filming locations:

Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Cornwall, England, UK


The film was released on DVD in the UK as Ghost Ship by High Fliers Films on 20 March 2017.


It was filmed with the working title The Wraithe.

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