Honeymoon aka Luna de miel – Mexico, 2015


‘What are you willing to do for love?’

Honeymoon – original title: Luna de miel – is a 2015 Mexican horror thriller directed by Diego Cohen (México Bárbaro II; Romina; Perdidos) from a screenplay by Marco Tarditi Ortega (Dame tus ojos).

This film should not be confused with the 2014 American movie Honeymoon, directed by Leigh Janiak.

Jorge, an eccentric and lonely medical doctor, kidnaps Isabel, his attractive young neighbour, in an apparent effort to submit her to a classical conditioning experiment to make her his woman. However, appearances often hide a more terrifying truth…


Main cast:

Hector Kotsifakis, Alberto Agnesi, Paulina Ahmed, Dunia Alexandra.


“It is gory, and so will both gain and lose audiences because of this, and there are some inevitable tropes, but it does them pretty well all the same, certainly better than most, although it did sorely lack any proper character development or background story, and therefore ultimately any real depth, which potentially could have lifted it beyond its own constraints and above most all others of this genre.” Ionizing


Honeymoon ends on an epilogue of sorts that doesn’t quite come off, and won’t occupy your brain as long as anything from the previous 90 minutes. It’s a minor misstep, however, and not one that can detract from the originality, beauty and stark realism that this incredibly taught and involving gem so expertly builds.” Kevan Farrow, Scream magazine

“An unoriginal story doesn’t stop this film from being a worthwhile watch, Honeymoon has intensity in places which prove rewarding.” Nymus


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“There are some quite strong scenes that might unease some people, especially those that are not into gore, the effects are very well done, and they actually made me cringe a couple of times. While there are some nude scenes that I think could have been avoided, they worked well in the story, and didn’t feel forced.” Zed Kosnar, Desde Abajo


Filming locations:

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico


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