The Crescent – Canada, 2017


The Crescent is a 2017 Canadian supernatural horror feature film directed by Seth Smith (Lowlife) from a screenplay by Darcy Spidle. The movie stars Andrew Gillis, Chik White, Amy Trefry, Terrance Murray, Danika Vandersteen, Woodrow Graves and Britt Loder. 

Raven Banner (It Came from the Desert; Another Evil; The Blackburn Asylum) holds Canadian distribution rights to The Crescent.


A woman and her young son have to cope with an unexpected death in the family. While the mother and toddler struggle to find spiritual healing, a mysterious force from the sea threatens to tear their souls apart…


“Smith’s nano-budget, crawl through the maritime mud, moss and starfish-extract, first feature, Lowlife, hinted towards this kind of distinct, creative wellspring, and his environment-headspace sensibilities come into full bloom in The Crescent. The craft here, put to effective use, creates a kind of a fugue state in the audience, punctuated with moments teasing out the horror.” Kurt Halfyard, Screen Anarchy

Filming locations:

Nova Scotia, Canada

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  1. I once read a novel loosely similar to the storyline of the movie. Great to see a story like this made into horror movie.

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