Dead Squad – USA, 2017


‘All you need is dead’

Dead Squad is a 2017 monster movie directed by music composer Dominik Hauser – making his feature film directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written with Nancy Thornhill. It stars Conan Stevens (who played Man-Thing), Jonathan Looper, Ryan Sobolski, and Réka Gavaldi.

A group of young people become lost in the jungle during a river rafting trip and stumble upon a long lost ruin that is home to a host of mysterious monsters…


Main cast:

  • Conan Stevens
  • Jonathan Looper
  • Ryan Sobolski
  • Réka Gavaldi
  • Carma Sharon
  • Tony Kern
  • Bianca Zouppas
  • Peer Metze
  • Elizabeth Morse
  • Stephen Dixon
  • Guy Talon


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