A Room to Die For aka Rancour – UK, 2016


‘Life in the suburbs can be hell’

A Room to Die For – aka Rancour – is a 2016 British horror film directed by Devanand Shanmugan from a screenplay co-written with Matthew J. Gunn.

The film is released on DVD in the UK on 16 January 2017 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A North American DVD release is slated for April 4, 2017.


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Main cast:

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-17-08-55Michael Lieber, Loren Peta (Rock Band vs. Vampires; Bad Moon Rising), Christopher Craig, Antonia Davies, Ben Ellis, Natalie Ann Parry (Death Race: Anarchy), Vas Blackwood (Fanged UpCreep), Frederik von Lüttichau (Witch), Topher Cox, Jon Campling (Curse of the Witching Tree; Tales of the Supernatural; The Zombie King), Jonny Pert.


Marcus Crowe is a failed writer who struggles with reality. His girlfriend, Jill, is desperate for Marcus to pursue a proper career.

Broke, the couple find a perfect room to rent owned by an old couple, Henry and Josephine Baker, who take a keen interest in the young couple’s lives. They are shocked when told the old couple have a new born baby.

Stuck in the house 24-7, Marcus spirals into paranoia and believes the old couple is spying on them. When he finds the horrifying truth behind the baby, the old couple’s real reason for renting the room is revealed…



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  1. Yes, the sort of movie horror buffs of the past, present and future crave for, really. I welcome the fresh way of shooting horror stuff on screen.

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