The Shelter Canada/USA, 2015


‘He was chosen.’

The Shelter is a 2015 Canadian-American psychological horror thriller film written, directed and produced by John Fallon.



The movie stars Michael Paré, Lauren Alexandra, Rachel G. Whittle, Amy Wickenheiser, Gayle James, Brigette Rose, Thomas Johnston, David M. Lawson.

On a star-filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas Jacobs (Michael Paré) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two-storey house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did.

However, soon enough, he realises that the house won’t let him leave, as its doors are all locked while its windows cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. What does it want from him? Will he survive the ordeal?



“For all its anger and impressive visuals, The Shelter is a meditative piece about moving from confusion to the acceptance of something perhaps cannot be fully understood. Fallon’s piece is piercing as a disconcerting family dreamscape, if not always focused. With a little more clarity of purpose, his work may be extraordinary.” Joel Harley, Starburst

Paré, doing most of his acting alone and in relative silence, is a standout. He’s got to carry this whole film on his shoulders, and he does it ably. The supporting cast is up to par, but they’re basically peripheral characters. It’s Paré’s parade, lock and stock. A moody score and atmospheric cinematography bolster the sometimes too leisurely proceedings (the movie is only 76 minutes long but feels longer).” Staci Layne Wilson, Dread Central


The Shelter isn’t a horror movie. It is an unsettling-at-times psychological drama, but horror fans may have to temper their expectations. Regardless, though, Fallon’s maiden voyage is a well-executed descent into one man’s dark state of mind and it’s as indie as it gets. In that regard it must be considered a huge success. General cinephiles will have a lot to marvel at here.” Jason Thorson, Ravenous Monster

“Veteran character actor Paré strikes just the right notes as a man literally haunted by his past. When Thomas gets a glimpse at the life he could have led if he hadn’t been so selfish, Paré’s wary expressions — half-giddy, half-heartbroken — are sublime. Overall, The Shelter is a bit too clever for its own good.” Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

Filming locations:
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA


The film premiered on 28 August 2015 at the Film4 FrightFest in London, England.

In North America, the film is released on DVD on January 3, 2017, via Uncork’d Entertainment. Extras include an audio commentary with John Fallon, a video interview with star Michael Paré, a video tour of the house location, storyboards, the teaser, and the trailer.

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