On the Brain – USA, 2016


‘Death is certain, life is not.’

On the Brain is a 2016 American zombie horror feature film produced and directed by Kevin Van Stevenson from a screenplay by producer Brandon Trask for Goreella Media.

The movie stars Danny Hansen, Frankie Ray, Shenik Taylor, Amy Waller, Jonathan Cousens, Sharon Fredrickson, Deirdre V. Lyons, Cassie Carpenterm, Cynthia Dane, Joe Karam, Tony Pandolfo, Dan Sutter and Franco Di Vittorio.

Newly appointed Sheriff Kelly Jarvis quickly realizes the dried-up small town of Golden Torch is past the point of saving. After a questionable shooting, resulting in two deaths, Kelly finds himself in the middle of a string of related murders.

Instead of answers, Kelly’s investigation only uncovers more questions. What is wrong with Golden Torch? With each step closer to the truth, Kelly must face the terrifying reality that he may never get out of Golden Torch alive…


” …it does boast some impressive cinematography courtesy of Michael A. Perry, and the small town setting and desolate open plain backdrop is quite nice to look at if you’re a fan of isolation and scenery. The cast do a serviceable job as well, and there is some enjoyment to be had in knowing that they were all clearly having a good time making the movie.” Kieran Fisher, Scream magazine



Choice dialogue:

Sheriff Kelly: “No cell phone! No internet! Jesus, I can’t believe this damn town, sometimes.”

Anne: “But yes, most people do consume meat. Except for those pansy vegans.”

Anne: “There is a fine line between love and hate, my dear. Trust me, I know.”

Filming Locations:

San Jacinto, California, USA

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