Tank 432 (2015)


‘There’s no turning back.’

Tank 432 is a 2015 British action horror thriller film written and directed by Nick Gillespie (The Shadow Seamstresssecond unit work and additional photography on The GhoulA Field In England; Sightseers; Doctor Who; Kill List and High-Rise). It was formerly titled Belly of the Bulldog.

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment released the film on DVD in the UK on 22 August 2016. It was released on VOD in the United States on November 25th by IFC Midnight and a Blu-ray is scheduled for April 4, 2017.


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Main cast:

Rupert Evans (Hellboy), Steve Garry (Unwelcome), Deirdre Mullins (Doghouse), Michael Smiley (Kill List), Gordon Kennedy, April Pearson, Tom Meeten,  Alex Rose March, Georgina Beedle, Todd Bruce, Sara Dee.



On the run and with nowhere to hide, a group of mercenaries and their two prisoners take cover from a mysterious enemy inside an abandoned military war Bulldog tank. Whilst they try to keep the forces outside at bay, secrets are uncovered; and little do they realize the real enemy is already among them, locked inside Tank 432…



“There are some effective reveals and a few memorable kills using practical effects, along with some epic drone cinematography and a melancholy piano score, that combine to make Tank 432 feel almost like an R-rated episode of The Twilight Zone. The performances, especially by Smiley as the increasingly crazed Capper, are all compelling and add to the claustrophobia … The big reveal towards the end is somewhat vague and emotionally unsatisfying.” Drew Tinnin, Dread Central


Tank 432 will march straight into a foggy, steel-encased nightmare for audiences who love being led into darkness, but for me, Gillespie only makes it two-thirds of the way there. It’s not an unmitigated disaster – there are plenty of sequences that draw up taught, deranged tension (plus Michael Smiley absolutely kills it) – just a more mundane single-location suspension of belief.” Matt Donato, We Got This Covered


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“Nick Gillespie clearly has more talent behind the camera than he does on scripting duties, and while the low budget is often apparent, he does manage to capture some neat shots and attempts to convey a certain level of tension, uncertainty and atmosphere, but it seldom truly pays off. The underdeveloped script wastes the good character actors involved, and come the bizarre ending where everyone seems to go off the deep end, after you’ve unintentionally laughed at the silliness of it all…” Tony Black, Flickering Myth


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4 replies

  1. A complete incoherent waste of time! And it wasn’t even a tank! It was an armored personnel carrier filled with ordinance?! WTF!

  2. Piece of shit. Whatever this thing is it sucks.

  3. This is one of those movies where at the end you realize you have no idea what happened and no idea what the movie is about. A total waste of time. I can’t believe the script was approved to be made into a film. I wish I had the last 90 minutes of my life back.

  4. Great find to make a movie centered on an old Army tank.

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