Blessed Are the Children – USA, 2016


‘The night the unborn were avenged’

Blessed Are the Children is a 2016 American horror thriller written and directed by Chris Moore (The House of Covered Mirrors; Triggered). The movie stars Kaley Ball, Keni Bounds and Arian Thigpen.

Traci Patterson (Kaley Ball), an adrift twenty-something who’s still reeling from the death of her father and her breakup with an abusive fiancé (Jordan Boyd), discovers that she’s pregnant.

With the help of her friends, Erin and Mandy (Arian Thigpen, Keni Bounds), she decides to terminate her pregnancy, but quickly after leaving the clinic, she begins seeing and hearing things – shapes in the corner of her eye, strange noises in the middle of the night, and ghoulish figures stalking her every move. Is it guilt or are Traci and her friends in grave danger?


Wild Eye Releasing delivered the film on DVD and VOD October 23, 2018.


“It draws you into the lives and friendship of the three girls, luring the audience into a false sense of security which is instantly shattered with no holds barred bloody death scenes. Once the blood starts flowing they just get more creative with the kills. Keni Bounds shines as Mandy in which she portrays a natural toughness with a country charm.” Joseph R. Davis, We Are Indie Horror

“The addition of the abortion and extreme religious protesters hits even more social issues that should not even be a thing in this day and age. All these tossed in the middle of a stylish slasher works very well. Sadly, it wasn’t a who done it murder mystery I was thinking it was but it was still a fun watch.” Horror Society

“Moore’s directorial skills have only gotten better here. He uses the film’s 2.35:1 frame fairly nicely (one of many aesthetic elements of films such as Halloween and Dressed to Kill that populate the film), and there were a few moments that I found legitimately terrifying.” Joshua Dean, Slasher Studios

“Overall, this is a pretty good slasher film. It doesn’t break any new ground in the subgenre, but it is unique enough and has a distinct voice of its own to help it stand out.” Horror News

Main cast:

  • Kaley Ball
  • Keni Bounds
  • Arian Thigpen
  • Jordan Boyd
  • Michael Kinslow
  • David Moncrief
  • Cheryl Abernathy
  • Jennifer Wilder
  • Hope Prybylski
  • Claire Mayronne
  • George Mayronne






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