Monster Pool: Chapter Two – Canada, 2016


‘Unnerving. Unrelenting. Uncensored.’

Monster Pool: Chapter Two is a 2016 Canadian supernatural horror anthology film directed by the following:

Jennifer Allanson … (segment “Time’s Up”)
Deniz Berkin … (segment “A Nightmare Reverie”)
Ray Besharah … (segment “Trigger”)
James Campbell II … (segment “Time of Need”)
Kristian Lariviere … (segment “Time’s Up”)
Kyle Martellacci … (segment “I Make Corpses”)
Fiona Noakes … (segment “A Nightmare Reverie”)
Jesse Palangio … (segment “Red Man”)
Mark Parks … (segment “Sorry”)
Micheal Showler … (segment “Red Man”)

Main cast:

Vincent Valentino, Randy Smith, Mark Parks, Jesse Palangio, Micheal Showler, Kristian Lariviere, Jennifer Allanson, Ray Besharah, James Campbell, Fiona Noakes, Deniz Berkin, and Kyle Martellacci.

Official synopsis:

One Movie. Ten Tales of Terror. Dive deep into murky and bloody waters with Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, Death, Succubi, Mind Control, The Monster Under Your Bed, Cults, Zombies and Serial Killers!


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