Feast of Fear – USA, 2016


‘Be careful what you wish for’

Feast of Fear is a 2016 American horror anthology film written and directed by John Lechago (Killjoy’s Psycho CircusKilljoy Goes to Hell; Bio Slime; Blood Gnome).


Main cast:

Robert Davi (Lost Time; Swamp Shark; Maniac Cop 2; and 3), Clint Howard (Big Bad Wolf; Ice Cream Man; Evilspeak), Victoria De Mare (Aliens vs Titan1C; Two FacedKilljoy’s Psycho Circus), Kate Stone (Land of Smiles), John Karyus (The Oatmeal Man; V/H/S/2; Lizard Man), Alex Meth, A’ja Noel, Adam Michael Gold, Victoria Levine, Tamario Fletcher, Al Burke.



A group of college students make a deal to have wishes granted with dire consequences…



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  1. Didn’t know what happened to the film. Has anyone seen this? Also, while I did act under it as Alex Meth I am undergoing transition and my name is now Allyx Meth (I know such a name change haha). If this gets a lot of responses maybe I’ll do an AMA

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