Tarnation – Australia, 2017


Tarnation is a 2017 Australian “demon-unicorn-cabin-in-the-woods-twisted-fairy-tale-monster-horror-adventure” feature film written, edited and directed by Daniel Armstrong (Sheborg Massacre; Murderdrome). It stars Daisy Masterman, Emma Louise Wilson and Danae Swinburne.

When Oscar’s dreams of becoming a rock star are brutally crushed her boyfriend leaves (taking the cat and sofa with him), forcing her to reflect on her life. Oscar hits the road with her roommate Rain, Rain’s fiancee Bo, and Bo’s hot cousin, Wilmer, to recuperate at a cozy cabin in the woods.

Unfortunately the cabin is host to a cursed painting, and the surrounding woods are, literally, Satan’s playground.

Oscar soon finds herself battling demons, a flying unicorn headed monster, a spider with a human face, a zombie kangaroo, a demon unicorn, Satan himself and, ultimately, the evil inside herself in an epic battle for her soul…


“It brings to mind early cultish horrors like Raimi’s, as well as the kind of camp, idiosyncratic horror of an early Peter Jackson movie like Dead Alive. There’s gore, sex, possession and even a fistfight with a boxing kangaroo. It’s loads of fun…” Tom Bensley, The Plus Ones

Main cast:


Tarnation received its world premiere on November 24, 2017, at Monsterfest in Melbourne, Australia.

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