Massacre on Aisle 12 (2016)


‘Slashing everything in store!’

Massacre on Aisle 12 is a comedy slasher horror film directed by Jim Klock (6:66 P.M.) and William Mark McCullough (Patient Seven). The script was developed by Jim Klock, from the original script written by A.J. Via (6:66 P.M.) and Chad Ridgely. It is a Code 3 Films production.

The film had its its world premiere at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival on November 4th-6th.


Main cast:

Jim Klock (Scream Queens) , Chad Ridgely (Murder Eleven), Mike Capozzi, Michael Buonomo (Camera Obscura), Melissa Saint-Amand (Ozark Sharks).



The bloodshed begins on Christmas Eve. As a hardware store begins to close, a duffel bag of cash is found, but so is a body. Now, the employees must decide what to do with both items. Should they turn the cash in, or go on a Christmas shopping spree? Events take an even bloodier turn when the employees turn on each other…



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