Razortooth – USA, 2007


‘A grip your seat creature feature’

Razortooth is a 2007 American horror film directed by Patricia Harrington (a Roger Corman alumnus: writer of To Sleep with a Vampire; actress in Carnosaur; electrician on Sorority House Massacre II.


The film includes a brief clip from Corman’s The Little Shop of Horrors. Meanwhile, the local bar is named Kormann’s and includes a flashing neon sign: “cheap”). The film’s working title was apparently Sssslither.


The screenplay was by Jack Monroe (he has a cameo as the ‘chubby deputy’) and Matt Holly.

Main cast:

Douglas Swander, Kathleen LaGue, Simon Page, Tim Colceri, Kate Gersten, Brandon Breault, Josh Gad, Matt Holly, Adam McCrory, Max Rhyser



Razortooth is helped along by some mildly amusing dialogue during the first hour and although we’re in monster movie cliché central, its fine as long as we’re all on board. Alas, from then on, there’s simply not enough CGI eel attacks – or even a convincingly nasty critter on show – to make this one a winner. It’s a shame because with a little more beastie action this could have been a contender like Frankenfish rather than a loser like Snakehead Terror.



Choice dialogue:

“Where the hell’s that little panty sniffer?”

“Dude, someone lost their canoe!”

“We’re talking about a giant eel here, Ruth. A mutant. One of Doctor Frankenstein’s monsters.”



Plot keywords:

eel | escaped convicts | rats | missing dog | swamp | vigilantes

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