Creature Lake aka Gitaskog – Canada, 2015


‘Five friends, three days, one creature … No chance’

Creature Lake aka Gitaskog is a 2015 Canadian horror film produced and directed by Drazen Baric from a screenplay by Damien Slevin.


A gitaskog is a Native American term for a lake monster, particularly a serpent.

The film is being released on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on February 14, 2017. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift, perhaps?


Main cast:

Elena Semikina, Jonathan Matthews, Ivan Simanic, Mike Kekich, Brandon Dhue, Gregscreen-shot-2016-09-25-at-22-54-43 Carraro, Vanessa Tavares, Nikki Roumel, Ernie Paniciolli.


Five friends embark on a camping trip to sacred Native territory and are warned to stay away. When they choose to ignore the warning they are confronted with strange occurrences, seductive apparitions, vengeful locals and a deadly behemoth. Their weekend of fun becomes a descent into Hell…


“Not nearly as effective a male-bonding exercise as the captivating Canadian horror film White Raven, Creature Lake nonetheless fits into the Canuxploitation milieu quite nicely. There are actually a couple of genuinely creepy moments, and it takes you places you wouldn’t necessarily expect.” Really Awful Movies




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