The Black Room – USA, 2016


‘Where evil is seductive’

The Black Room is a 2016 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky (Nightmare Man; Jacqueline Hyde; There’s Nothing Out There). Esther Goodstein and David Skye produced.

A married couple moving into their new home is faced with an entity that feeds off lust and desire, corrupting and/or killing everyone in its path as it plots a horrifying plan to destroy the world…


” …commences with an extended opening segment that is impressive on all accounts. From herein, this largely unpredictable presentation only continues its enjoyably atmospheric and imaginative streak. The rousing, blood-soaked climax and post-end credit scene can be viewed as one magnificent, elongated final wink at the audience. Such results in an all-around superbly done and satisfying venture. Kanefsky has delivered one of the best cinematic terrors of the year.” Andrew Buckner, A Word of Dreams

” …this is a weird film that made me feel rather odd the way it trivialized consent to sex. Sure it’s what I would expect from demons, but seeing it portrayed in such a whimsical way made me feel like this was a film made in a less sensitive time and not in today’s PC world. There are elements of The Entity here as well as the Shatner starrer Incubus here (even shades of Henstridge’s own Species), but those films took the horror of sexuality seriously, where this one simply makes the horror a punch line.” Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“Every time you assume this film can’t possibly go any further over the top, it goes and does something even more nuts. Its spectacles of infernal orgies are neither erotic or scary, but they are a sight that must be seen to be believed. Forget logic, forget modesty, and just hang on and try to enjoy the ride as this train wreck of a film careens off the bridge.” Joe Bendel, J.B. Spins

“If you’re looking for a quick, twisted and erotic little tale about possession and the crumbling of man’s moral code, The Black Room will work well for you. There are a few fun practical gags and things certainly don’t slow as the climax approaches. But if you like a little meat on your horror bone, a little something deeper to contemplate, this may not be the movie for you.” Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror

“To be fair to Kanefsky, The Black Room contains a few surprises, and the female stars of the movie deserve a medal for surviving what looks to be rather unpleasant special effects. However, a few decently raunchy moments don’t support an entire effort, which tends to miss more than hits as Kanefsky piles on the demonic mischief.” Brian Orndorf,

” …it’s pretty solid horror entertainment that finds its balance between the terror aspects of the story and the lighter, even slapstick-y moments, features some sexy bits (even if the story almost suggests more) and is carried by a compact story and a directorial effort that’s not overdoing things in any way.” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“The movie’s monster explains that it’s easy to weaken humans with pleasure because “it’s hard to fight what feels good.” Sharing that same strategy, The Black Room is unabashedly trashy — with scene after scene of nudity and gore — but doesn’t offer much beyond sensation.” Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

The Black Room is unbearably difficult to sit and watch. Characters mean nothing to the viewer. Even in certain films with bad characters the actors can save what’s missing through a good performance. But we never get any strong acting, making underdeveloped characters even worse. If this isn’t bad enough, the effects work is in all the wrong places and they’re ineffective in the right ones.” C.H. Newell, Film Inquiry:

“The bloodshed is rampant and while some CGI present, most of the effects are practical and quite fun to watch. This includes a wild scene where a demonic tentacle invades a goth girl’s womb and probes so deep, it comes out of her mouth and rips off her lower face […] Also some nice makeup and creature effects, great stuff!” Marc Fusion


“The movie is fun in a campy sort of way but the mix of goofy possession eroticism is awkwardly married with the rape-y weirdness, I imagine the prospect of directing a demon-rape comedy is fraught with challenges, like the fact that the tone changes from low-budget horror to demon-rape comedy every few minutes. The tonal shift make for an uneven viewing…” McBastard’s Mausoleum

The Black Room isn’t a great movie, but it’s a shamelessly fun one, on a visceral level. It’s full of hot chicks, nudity, and some great practical effects, which tend to even out the lame story, uneven acting, and bad dialogue. If you like sleazy B-grade flicks, you might just have fun with this one.” The Horror Club

Main cast:

• Natasha Henstridge (Ghosts of Mars; Species and sequel)
Lin Shaye (Insidious and sequels)
• Dominique Swain (Deprivation)
• Lukas Hassel
• Augie Duke
• James Duval (Donnie Darko)
• Elissa Dowling
• Robert Donovan
• Catherine Annette
• Julia Lehman
• Lauren Parkinson
Jill Evyn (Adaline: The Conjured; Axe Giant)
• Michael Reed
• Rachel Riley
• Nicholas Principe
Tiffany Shepis (Death House; Model Hunger; She Wolf Rising).
• Al Jourgensen (Wicked Lake)
• Arthur “Fire” Brown

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