Even Lambs Have Teeth (USA, 2015)


‘Revenge can be a bitch’

Even Lambs Have Teeth is a 2015 American exploitation revenge horror thriller written and directed by Terry Miles. It was produced by Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter of Random Bench.


Main cast:

Kirsten Prout (My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3; Joy Ride 3; Captured), Tiera Skovbye (Forever 16; SpooksvilleLiar, Liar, Vampire), Michael Karl Richards (Supernatural), Craig March (They NestDead of Night), Garrett Black, Jameson Parker, Christian Sloan (Blade: The Series; Black Christmas; The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1).

Two young women are terrorised by a group of small town psychos but then take their revenge…



“With a lack of tension and low-feeling stakes, you’d think Even Lambs would be really, really dumb. It’s not. It’s clever without feeling like it’s trying too hard and it all just works … Even Lambs reaches a nice balance of human horror, dark comedy, and violent revenge flick.” Patrick Cooper, Bloody Disgusting

“The revenge chapter doesn’t take on any of the ridiculousness of I Spit on Your Grave, and the entire movie is done with considerable taste. Exploitation is not the key, and yet the film is totally enjoyable and watchable from beginning to end. Writer/Director Terry Miles can consider this a very fancy feather for his cap.” Luna Guthrie, UK Horror Scene


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“Katie and Sloane use their physical power to escape and then go on a Tarantino-esque style revenge killing spree on the corrupt individuals that inflicted sexual violence on the girls … Overall, the film was a fun watch full of gore, revenge and witty moments of comic relief.” Matthew Candelaria, Met Media

“Yes, of course rape is an unpleasant subject matter, so it’s entirely understandable that some filmmakers and actors might feel uncomfortable taking it on. But if a cast and crew are not willing to push both their audience and themselves beyond their comfort zone, then they really have no business trying to make exploitation.” Ben Bussey, Brutal as Hell


“The deaths are all warranted, and surprisingly, creatively awful, but you don’t focus on the violence, as much as you focus on the glorious revenge for the two young women. It’s fun, even if it is murder, which is something that isn’t easy to do. You applaud the ladies for being creative. You cheer for them when they tease their victims.” Jason, Delve


“Well made and well directed for the most part. Some of the acting is eh, but I could get past it. The real problem with this movie is that is it trying so hard to be a revenge exploitation film, but you hardly see any of the atrocities that call for revenge. And the revenge that does take place in the film has already been done before.” Hal Jarvis, Letterbxd


  • The film debuted on October 1, 2015, at the 6th annual Mile High Horror Film Festival.
  • It was released on DVD in the UK on 13 June 2016 by Matchbox Films.


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  1. this movie was great. totally agree with Jason, Delve. Ben Bussey, why would you want to see the rape scenes? You can’t expect every film you watch to satisfy your need for violent porn. Jarvis, “hardly see the atrocities”? How bout : kidnapping, drugging, torture, trafficking, rape, and what would have been certain murder (serially). The stick covered in barbed wire and rusty nails was especially “fitting” :).


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