Interchange – Malaysia, 2016


Interchange is a 2016 Malaysian supernatural noir thriller directed by Dain Iskandar Said from a screenplay co-written with Nandita Solomon, June Tan, Redza Minhat.


Forensic photographer Adam (Iedil Putra) has developed a hallucinatory condition and becomes a hermit in his own apartment. After a series of macabre ritual murders in the city, he accepts the prospects of one more investigation with his best friend and cop ‘Detective Man’ (Shaheizy Sam).

Adam befriends an ancient shaman, Iva (Prisia Nasution), along the way. Iva is on her own journey of trying to free the souls of her tribesmen which have been trapped in glass plate negatives. She is accompanied by the totem animal spirit of her tribe, Belian (Nicholas Saputra), who assumes a human form to keep her focused on her task.


Iva however is not who she seems, as Adam finds himself dragged deeper into the tangled web of murders, unable to claw his way out…

Source: Twitch

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