Field Freak – USA, 2014


‘He wants you out!’

the-monster-outside-huete-dich-vor-der-dunkelheit-DEField Freak – also known as The Monster Outside – is a 2014 American horror film written and directed by Stephen Folker (The Orange Man).

The movie is available on a German Blu-ray release in English.

Main cast:

Dave Juehring, Trena Penson, Glenn Harston, Thomas Ely Sage, Tristan Coppola, Jim Nieciecki, Robert Kemp, Linden Clayborne, Amelia Atkinson.


A family move into an abandoned cabin in Beaver Pelt Falls, Idaho. Charles (Dave Juehring) a former best selling writer, is desperately trying to pen his next book and needs a place free of distractions. Little does he know, his entire family is being watched. Strange bumps in the night escalate into a nerve wrecking encounter with the creature by Charles’s wife Linda (Trena Penson).

Things take a strange turn when they hire a psychotic, pest control guy (Thomas Ely Sage) and are led to believe rabid beavers are to blame. It’s not until they visit a road side root beer distillery and meet a man named Ned Perkins (Glenn Harston), that they learn what the bumps in the night really are. According to Ned, they’re all going to die…


“Then there is the field freak itself. The name alone sounds kind of dumb. If you have a monster, you can surely think up a better name for it than field freak. Aside from that, the look of the creature is pretty bad. It looks like a guy dressed in a lower end Halloween costume of some sort of ape. Unrealistic fur, horrible mask, weird looking chest…” Jesse,


Choice dialogue:

Ned Perkins: “People came from 500 miles away to try his root beer. But there was somethin’ watchin’ us in dem woods dat day. Yes, there was. Just prowlin’ and growlin’.”

IMDb | Official synopsis

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