Accidental Exorcist (2016)


Accidental Exorcist is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by and starring Daniel Falicki from a screenplay by producers Warren Croyle and Sheri Beth Dusek.

Accidental Exorcist 1

The film also features Sherryl Despres, Patrick Hendren, Chris Kotcher and Jason Roth. It is unrelated to the novella The Accidental Exorcist by Joshua Graham.



Alcoholic writer Richard Vanuck is a natural born exorcist. In fact, he’s the best there ever was and with possessions on the rise across the city, he’s booked solid. Reluctantly, he faces the fact that performing exorcisms is the only thing he’s truly good at even though it’s wearing him down and making his life utterly miserable.


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“… a refreshingly miserable and downbeat horror that is not without its wit, showing that demons can be found in more bodies than the adolescent female’s and in more homes than the nuclear family’s. If you like your horror to be strange, unsettling and, most importantly, a bit gross, then Accidental Exorcist is definitely something you should keep your eyes out for.” Jessy Williams, Scream magazine

” … with so many exorcism films resorting to the old, “tie the possessed up to a bed and shouting Christ compellings,” it’s refreshing to see someone do something with the genre that’s different. This is a film that is hopeless, but entertaining, gross, but engaging, funny, but terrifying.” Ain’t It Cool News

Accidental Exorcist 2

“There is no shortage of gore and more than that – of various bodily fluids – throughout the film. As in so many other exorcism pictures, vomit is the fluid of choice … The film will give you the heebie-jeebies based on the wetness-factor alone. I was reminded of the “gluttony” sequence in David Fincher’s Seven. But instead of one grotesque scene – this entire films feels like that gross-out… all the way through.” Michael Klug, Horrorfreak News

“While Accidental Exorcist could have benefitted from some additional editing of repetitive sequences in Vanuk’s apartment and at the bar (which would help streamline the runtime), overall, it’s an interesting character study of a man trapped in his talent. It won’t scare you or force you to sleep with the lights on, but it will definitely make you appreciate that your particular 9 to 5 isn’t Vanuk’s.” Lisa Pas, Critical Movie Critics



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  1. Linda Blair would faint after seeing this flick 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿


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