Invasion – UK, 1966


Invasion is a 1966 low-budget British science fiction alien invasion film, directed by Alan Bridges for producer Jack Greenwood of Merton Park Studios.

The film was written by Roger Marshall from a storyline by Robert Holmes. Holmes later re-used elements of his storyline in a 1970 Doctor Who serial entitled ‘Spearhead from Space’, starring Jon Pertwee.


An alien spacecraft which crash-lands on Earth, near a secluded hospital in the English Home Counties. The aliens, identified as Lystrians, are humanoid and have the appearance of Oriental women. They are taken to a rural hospital where they cause a forcefield to be raised around the building…



“… after a worthwhile set-up, nothing much happens. The story becomes slow moving and somewhat uneventful. There are various happenings around the hospital as they try to puzzle over the nature of the alien and then debate whether to believe his story, but this is mostly talk rather than atmosphere. Things are pumped up sporadically with the appearance of the forcefield…” Moria

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“While its a little slow going, Invasion is actually an inventive, atmospheric effort. Director Alan Bridges breathes tension and suspense into the gritty Cold War-influenced screenplay…” Peter Fuller, Kultguy’s Keep

“Made on a very small budget but imaginatively photographed by Wilson, the setting of this highly atmospheric film is an English hospital… tense, well-paced climax.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction



Cast and characters:

  • Edward Judd as Dr. Mike Vernon
  • Yoko Tani as Leader of the Lystrians
  • Valerie Gearon as Dr. Claire Harland
  • Lyndon Brook as Brian Carter
  • Eric Young as The Lystrian
  • Tsai Chin as Nurse Lin
  • Barrie Ingham as Major Muncaster
  • Anthony Sharp as Lawrence Blackburn
  • Glyn Houston as Police Sergeant Draycott
  • Ann Castle as Sister Evans
  • John Tate as Dundy
  • Jean Lodge as Barbara Gough


The film was theatrically released by Anglo-Amalgamated in the UK, and by American International Pictures in the USA.

A video release by Warner Home Video was available in the UK in 1992.

A DVD version was re-released in November 2014 by Network.

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